Sunday, December 30, 2012

Byee 2012 Welcome 2013 XD

Hello to all students our holiday is about to end AAAAA! Yeaah school is waiting for us.
Oh today im so tired packing all my stuffs to hostel. Im so eager to school, hikhiks.
Yeaah 2012 almost leave us. Hmm i never ever ever forget all my memories in this year.
Then i hope 2013 can be a awesome year to me. Damn i forgot that i will be a fifteen.
DOUBLE WHAT ?! FIFTEEN ?! Means im a PMR victim and im not ready yet.
Im must focus on my studies and forget about facebook twitter blogging bla bla bla :/
Yes im must struggle to get STRAIGHT A'S !! Caiyook, must make my parents proud of me ;D
Kaaay thats all i want to continue packing my stuffs. Goodbyeee uolls , big hug and kisses :* :*

 Hehe try nak berspeaking skaleeyh yeah banyak capslock di atas. Assalamualaikum.
Tahun baru azam baru ubah sikap menjadi lebih baik kerana itulah yang terbaik buat kita.

1 Greedy Gray :

Aimi Wardina ♥ said...

Join sini. sure awak leh menang . trust me :)
sebab hadiah banyak!

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